NEW YORK, Tuesday, August 14, 1945—Celebrations erupt in Times Square moments after 7 pm as the word goes out, “Official—Truman says Japanese surrender.” Police estimate the crowd at 2 million celebrants. Throughout the city, private parties gather to rejoice in the Allied victory and to imagine what a post-war future may entail.

It is a time of change, a time of hope, a time of anticipation.

However, not all Americans are happy to see the war come to an end. Despite promises from the late President Roosevelt, war profiteering in World War II increased immensely relative to the Great War.

Fifth columnists also fear the turning tide of the fall of fascism. Members of the 1933 Business Plot still lurk in the shadows, unwilling to cede power and influence. Many German nationals have successfully immigrated into the United States, but their true loyalties remain unclear.

WWII brought with it a new era of espionage and surveillance. Wild Bill Donovan’s Office of Strategic Services still remains in operation, despite the chagrin of President Truman. Its fate remains to be determined.

Organized crime faces a transitional period with the Prohibition Era ending. The Luciano family, in particular, stands on shaky ground. Frank Costello leads the family, but Charles “Lucky” Luciano is up for parole in only a few months, and a confrontation over control of the family seems inevitable.

With alcohol legal again, many of the crime families have turned to the heroin trade for their profit. The drug proves extremely popular in the jazz scene of Harlem.

It is against this colorful backdrop that Vampire: The Greatest Generation takes place. Six individuals with dreams and goals for their post-war lives are dragged into the seedy underworld of Kindred society and the political backstabbing it entails. A philanthropist, a revolutionary, a spy, a mafioso, a concert pianist, and a jazz singer all must make their way through the society of the Damned, coming to terms with their own personal requiems and holding onto what humanity they have left.

Vampire: The Greatest Generation

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