A concert pianist struggling to reclaim his former glory against a crippling heroin addiction


As a child, Jasper learned that he was musically talented. His aunt arranged for him to have piano lessons and he was treated as a prodigy. He learned that he could get what he wanted to a privileged status as a “talented” child. His aunt, Nona Boiardi, continued to spoil him into his early adulthood, but he has avoided her for the past five years. Her cannoli is famous in Little Italy.

Jasper has faith that he is, deep down, a good person because he fought that jerk Rod Cameron over Wilma. Rod wasn’t good for her and treated her badly and Jasper stood up for her. He lost an eye in their fight. It’s too bad that Wilma never saw how good Jasper was for her. The rivalry tore apart their jazz group and the only other surviving member of the group is the bassist.

Jasper still struggles to cope with his heroin addiction. He is filled with shame over the time that Wilma and Rod saw him on the street when he was strung out on jack. She dropped a quarter in his has thinking he was a bum, and he hopes she didn’t recognize him. He could tell that Rod did recognize him. Jasper would still be in the gutter if Tony hadn’t helped him back on his feet. Tony owns the 21 Club, a bar converted from a speakeasy he ran during prohibition. He lets Jasper sleep in the secret storeroom in the back and helps him out with a few bucks or access to a hot shower when he’s in need.

Jasper knows there is more to the world than what’s seen on the surface because he had a vision of Wilma and Rod’s death the night before it happened. He dreamed every detail of the house fire and knows it was the result of arson, but hasn’t worked up the courage to go to the police. He’s never met the arsonist, but would recognize Jackie B. on sight. Jackie is a fellow addict, though he experiments with many more drugs than Jasper, including cocaine. While high one night, he followed a couple that reminded him of his parents back to their home. In rage, he set fire to the building, killing Wilma and Rod. He has only sketchy memories of this event.

Now that the war is over, Jasper is faced with having to make payments back to the Gambino Family. He’s still on Jack and has been struggling to keep afloat doing random jobs for the mob. Lately, Nicky “Scars” DiPaolo has been really getting on his back.


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