Joseph Dante

A recently Made Man in the Luciano gang, driven by a desire to know what really happened on the Lafayette that night


As a child, Joseph learned that Rules is all well and good, but if you don’t got a way of enforcing them, they don’t mean shit. This lesson is personified in Cream-o-Wheat, his dominatrix.

He still struggles with the guilt of when he stole money from his grandmother’s handbag when he was young. He wanted to see the movies (The Man Who Laughs was playing, and all his friends had seen it). When he got back she didn’t say nothing, but he could tell she knew. This theft was returned to him when Budd Cromville, a trusted friend in the family stole from him and promptly disappeared.

Joseph to a degree lacks a moral compass, and believes every action should be seen on its own merits, and not on a scale of good and evil. This moral relativism may not have occurred were it not for the abuse he suffered from his childhood priest, which has made him skeptical of those who profess they work for good.

He first witnessed the supernatural watching the Lafayette burn in the New York Harbor during the war. He could hear voices coming from nowhere on the wind. One of them was screaming—it was that guy that died in the fire. And he could hear him screaming for hours after he died. This event was also witnessed by a longshoreman who granted the mob access to the ship in the first place.

Now that the war is over, Joseph has unfinished business with Albert Anastasia. Apparently that bastard’s the one who decided to set that fire in the first place, and he’s been running around shooting his mouth off to that effect. He didn’t, but enjoys taking the credit if it helps put Joseph in his place. He despises smug shits like Joseph.

Joseph Dante

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