A jazz singer with an estranged husband and a son getting in over his head


As a child, Norma quickly learned that anyone might leave you at any time. The only person she truly trusts the loyalty of today is the bartender of the joint she regularly sings at.

Norma has faith that she is, deep down, a good person because she devotes her life to her son even if no one recognizes it. Her sister Maude despises Norma due to a perceived abandonment of her son. Norma’s son lives with their mother and Norma visits whenever she can, but her occupation makes it difficult. Maude is very religious and disapproves of Norma’s lifestyle.

Norma still struggles to cope with the first time she had to borrow money from a loan shark just to pay for her son’s food and clothing. Since she was unable to pay back the loan, her son Johnny has been conscripted into working for the local mob affiliate. He runs numbers for the Luciano family who have started taking an interest in him. Small gifts are frequently dropped off with Norma’s family.

Now that the war is over, Norma has unfinished business with her estranged husband, Don, who borrowed money from the Gambino family before being drafted into the war in Japan. She recently received a postcard from him letting her know that they owe $10,000 to Don Vincent Mangano, and the loan was taken out in her name. This makes two families she owes money to, and who knows which will be the first to try and collect.


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