Simon Masterson

Former Soldier/OSS Officer


As a child, Simon learned that honor and loyalty were the most important things in life. His father, now 75, lives in a VA nursing home. Samuel Masterson was a career soldier and a stern task master, who held his wife and children to military standards. Above all, he tried to impress on his sons loyalty to God and Country. No one realized just how much The Great War had changed him.

Simon knows he’s a good person because his activities in the OSS helped end the war with Germany. He has a black mark on his record, though, from his history with Katarina Engel. He tried to recruit Katarina, fell subject to a honeypot scheme, and learned she was a double agent for the Nazis.

Simon is still haunted by memories of his estranged wife. She left him while he was in service for his best friend, Corbitt.

Simon knows there is more to the world than what’s seen on the surface because of the sheer unlikelihood that he would have survived the wounds he suffered while in Salerno, Italy, during the war. An angel sat by his side through the night, though it may have just been the morphine. The only witness was the sole other survivor from the attack, Private Sam Summers. Only Sam knows what really happened that night.

Now that the war is over, Simon has unfinished business with the Gambino Family mobsters who destroyed his family’s business and killed his uncle and his step-father. He has been slowly tracking them down and has discovered Albert Anastasia’s mistress, Greta Herzogineggar, works at 21 Club.

Simon Masterson

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